October 22 – 25 2020 ONLINE

Origins and Identity: An Exploration of Your Authentic Self (Segment 2)

Atma Jot Kaur Kaur
(Course Language German and English / Kurssprache Deutsch und Englisch)

Establish endurance, subtlety, stillness, frequency and radiant presence to stay strong in the presence of suffering.
Yogic philosophy gives us an understanding of the source of illness and the pathway of health recovery as self-discovery. In this 4 day training you will:

  • Experience the interconnectivity of the gross and subtle forces
  • Discover meaning and impact of 36 tattwas, 3 gunas, and 10 Bodies on consciousness and body
  • Identify and resolve inner conflict as source and solution of illness
  • Dive into the transformative wisdom of Bhagavad Gita, Patañjali Yoga Sutras, Gobind Geet and the 5 Sutras of the Aquarian Age
  • Explore the impact of thought and belief on health recovery, penetrate the influence of karmas and samskaras
  • Deepen your relationship to Radiant, Subtle and Pranic bodies as manifestation of your soul’s presence

Origins & Identity: An Exploration of Your Authentic Self is the 2. Segment of the International Kundalini Yoga Therapy Practitioner Training and is open to Kundalini Yoga teachers as well as teachers in training.