June 12 – 14 2020 ONLINE

Fortbildungsreihe Psychische Gesundheit im Wassermann Zeitalter (Teil 1) – Überwinde Cold Depression

Atma Jot Kaur
(Course Language German)

Penetrate the Silence of the Soul

Yogi Bhajan cautioned that as we transition into the Aquarian Age through 2038, humanity would suffer from a phenomenon he called Cold Depression. It affects vitality of spirit and leads us to take destructive risk and to self-sabotage.

Learn what Cold Depression is, how to identify it and exactly what you need to help your students, clients and yourself overcome its effects. Three different curriculum for teaching a 3 hrs introductory class, a 1-day workshop and a seven week course are included.

  • Signs and Symptoms of Cold Depression
  • Cold Depression and Addiction
  • Destiny, Distance and Cold Depression
  • Cold Depression, Illness and Health Recovery

This course is open to Kundalini Yoga teachers as well as teachers in training. Segment 1 Foundations is mandatory before participating in this course.

This course is the first in the series of advanced trainings “Mental Health in the Aquarian Age” which includes “Transforming Anxiety and Depression” and “Trauma Informed Kundalini Yoga for Recovery from PTSD”.