October 10 – 13 2019 Witzenhausen, Germany

The Journey of the Soul – Facing Death and Transforming Grief (Segment 12)

Shanti Shanti Kaur und Atma Jot Kaur
(Course languange English mit Übersetzung ins Deutsche)

When we cultivate our own rrealtionship with death, we become free to live fully, fearlessly, and with joy. In these four days you will develop your capacity for presence as you gain skills and understanding into the powerful yogic approach to facing death and transforming grief.

What you will learn

• The yogic understanding and the medical process of death: what happens when we die?
• Sound current and Praan Sutra
• Tattvas, Ten Bodies, Blue Ethers and the process of conscious dying
• The sacred 17 days after the soul leaves the body
• Yogic response to suicide and sudden death
• End of life decision making and grief recovery

What you will experience

• A yogic practice to prepare for leasving the body
• Your presence and stillness in being with dying
• Kriyas and Meditations to transform generational fear, anger and grief
• Transform core beliefs, uplift your frequency, connect with the light and power of your soul

The Journey of the Soul is the 12. Segment of the International Kundalini Yoga Therapy Professional Training and is open to Kundalini Yoga teachers as well as teachers in training.

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